If you’re a veteran, service member or veteran’s surviving spouse, you may qualify for a home loan from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to help you buy, build, repair, retain or adapt a home. Your mortgage lender can advise you on how to qualify and what programs are available for your situation.

Advantages  VA home-purchase loans have many advantages and are often available with competitive interest rates, low or no down payments, no private mortgage insurance (PMI), limits on closing costs and no prepayment penalties. The program may also allow you to get a mortgage if you’ve had difficulty getting a loan through other programs.

Reusable  Remember that VA benefits are reusable. If you’ve qualified for a VA Home Loan in the past, and qualify again, you can use the benefit to buy your next home, too. You do not have to be a first-time homebuyer to get a VA Home Loan.

Learn More  To learn more about VA home loans, visit www.Benefits.va.gov/HomeLoans for the most up-to-date information on available loans, eligibility, application process and more.

When you’re ready to buy a home, be sure to contact us so we can provide you with lender contacts who can also guide you through the steps to apply for a VA loan. We thank you for your service to our country!

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