Water is a hot topic in a lot of areas these days. Some areas face floods, while others are experiencing droughts. No matter where you live, it’s a good idea to think about incorporating alternatives to the traditional grass/lawn landscaping. Cutting back the amount of lawn—or eliminating it entirely—can not only make your home look good, but it can benefit you and your surroundings.

Save Water

Many non-native plants and traditional lawns require frequent watering. Depending upon your water cost, this can be an expensive proposition. Consider native plants and eliminating large areas of grass to save water, and ultimately, money.

Less Maintenance 

If you reduce the amount of lawn around your home, you’ll save a lot of time mowing and a lot of money if you hire a lawn service. If your family is very busy or travels a lot, you can save a lot of hassle by eliminating the need to schedule grass cutting.

Save Energy

If you have less grass to mow, you’ll use your lawn mower
(and edger) less often (or not at all) and use less gas/electricity. You’ll save money on energy and you’ll cut down on pollution, too, a win-win situation.

Change Your Landscaping To Casual

Lawns tend to present a formal, manicured look. If your lifestyle is more casual, have your landscaping reflect that feel. Cut down on grassed-in areas, and incorporate more native plants to give your home a more casual vibe.

Native Options

You can still have a lawn with no-mow grasses that grow to a specific height, but don’t need to be trimmed down and often require less watering. Native plants also are a great way to attract wildlife like birds, bees and butterflies, which help the environment.

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